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Exploring good practices The good practices in this electronic knowledgebase are collected from the workshops and forums supported by the QESS fund.

About QAOK


The Quality Assurance Online Knowledgebase (QAOK), launched in February 2017, is an electronic resource for the higher education sector in Hong Kong and abroad. It provides a repository of good practices gathered from local institutions and the international Quality Assurance (QA) community and is intended to serve as a useful information portal for both local and non-local institutions seeking to enhance their internal QA measures as well as for HKCAAVQ in further improving its accreditation practice.


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Highlights of Good Practices

Good practice classified under: Institutional Governance and Management Programme Development
Good practice classified under: Programme Development Student Assessment
Good practice classified under: Student Support Services
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Disclaimer: All contents and any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations available in this electronic knowledgebase are for reference only and DO NOT represent HKCAAVQ’s endorsement of these practices in meeting HKCAAVQ’s accreditation criteria and standards.