Academic Accreditation

Non self-accrediting higher education institutions in Hong Kong are subject to quality assurance by the HKCAAVQ to ensure that their governance structure, academic standards and quality, teacher quality, quality assurance mechanisms and financial condition meet the required standards as specified in the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process.


Non-local Learning Programmes (NLP) registered/exempted under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (Cap 493) may apply for the HKCAAVQ’s NLP Accreditation. 


Accreditation is undertaken with reference to standards that have been benchmarked both locally and internationally through a process of peer review.  The HKCAAVQ issues an accreditation report on the outcome of the accreditation activity normally within 14-20 weeks for combined Initial Evaluation and Learning Programme Accreditation (from receipt of the accreditation document to the issuance of the accreditation report).


The HKCAAVQ offers various training workshops to operators who plan to seek accreditation services from the HKCAAVQ.  For more information, please refer to the webpages under the “Training” section.

For Accreditation of Academic Learning Programmes
Manual for the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process under HKQF
Evidence Guide for Academic Accreditation
Revised Generic Level Descriptors (2018 version)
Updated Revised Common Descriptors for Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Programmes under the New Academic Structure (Version as at February 2017)