Non-local Course

All non-local programmes/courses as defined under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (Cap 493) must be registered or be exempted from registration with the Registrar of Non-local Higher and Professional Education Courses to be allowed to operate in Hong Kong.


The Registrar may seek the advice from HKCAAVQ as to whether a course meets the criteria for registration/exemption from registration.  The final approval for course registration rests with the Registrar. 


Registration Procedures


Applicants should submit the application form for registration to the Non-local Courses Registry (NCR). Registration Criteria & relevant application forms (NCR web page)

NCR will normally refer the applications to HKCAAVQ for assessment against the registration criteria stipulated under the Ordinance.  HKCAAVQ will seek clarification with applicants when necessary.  The processing time may vary given the different nature of advice sought by NCR:


  • New applications for registration (normally completed within 90 days)
  • Annual returns for registered courses to see if they continue to satisfy the registration criteria (normally completed within 90 days)
  • Changes to registered non-local courses (normally completed within 42 days)


After considering all the necessary information, HKCAAVQ will make a recommendation to the Registrar who makes a decision of final approval of course registration.


Accreditation of Non-local Learning Programmes


An operator can seek accreditation by HKCAAVQ for its non-local programme upon being registered or exempted from registration with NCR. If accredited, the programme is recognised under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF) and can be listed on the Qualifications Register (QR).For details of this accreditation service, please refer to the web page of Non-local Learning Programme Accreditation. 

Non-local Learning Programme Accreditation



Useful information


Flow chart of the registration procedures


Further information about registration, including the application forms, guidance notes and schedule of fees




For enquiries about the HKCAAVQ’s service for registration of non-local courses under Cap 493, please contact us on 3658 0243 or email to