Academic Accreditation

The HKCAAVQ is empowered under the Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Ordinance (Cap 592) to provide accreditation services to operators or assessment agencies offering education and training programmes. Our academic accreditation services cover programmes offered by post-secondary institutions at postgraduate, degree and sub-degree levels. We also provide accreditation services for non-local learning programmes that are registered or exempted from registration under the Non-local Higher and Professional Courses (Regulation) Ordinance (Cap 493) and conduct Institutional Reviews (IR) for institutions seeking registration under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap 320).



Local Programme Accreditation

Upon the implementation of the New Academic Structure (334), there has been a substantial increase in requests from private institutions seeking IR for registration under Cap 320 for degree-awarding status, as well as for HKCAAVQ Programme Validation (PV) of their planned degree programmes in order to be ready for the ‘double cohort’ of students in 2012/2013.



Requests for academic accreditation in diverse disciplines continued to increase. Apart from the more traditional programmes in Business Administration, Languages, Social Work, Media and the Arts, programmes in Health Science, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Studies, Engineering, Environmental Studies and Sports Studies began to figure prominently too.


In the reporting period, the HKCAAVQ conducted two IR exercises for degree granting status, respectively for the Centennial College, a member of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) Group; and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THE-I), a member institution of the Vocational Training Council (VTC). Apart from the IR exercises, the HKCAAVQ also conducted two Initial Evaluations (IE) for two operators, one intending to register under Cap 320; and a total of 25 Programme Validation exercises and five Programme Revalidation exercises for 17 operators.


In the same period, the HKCAAVQ processed requests from 11 operators for substantial changes to 35 programmes to adapt them to the arrangements for the new Senior Secondary Education System from September 2012. We also conducted a Periodic Review of Shue Yan University in 2011, five years on from when the institution first attained university status.



Non-local Learning Programme

Since the successful pilot exercise conducted in 2009/10, the HKCAAVQ has been accrediting Non-local Learning Programmes (NLP) registered/exempted under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance (Cap 493). The NLP accreditation service quality-assures programmes offered in Hong Kong leading to awards of non-local institutions. An NLP accredited by the HKCAAVQ enjoys similar status to locally-accredited programmes, and its qualification can be recognised under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF) and placed on the Qualifications Register (QR).

The HKCAAVQ conducts the NLP accreditation exercises by phase and by discipline to accommodate the large number of accreditation requests. The discipline covered in the reporting year was General Business, with the participation of 12 collaborations involving 17 programmes coming from the United Kingdom and Australia. The range of local operator partners included a private operator, an extension arm of a university and a publicly funded institution. The next two phases of NLP accreditation exercises for the Accounting and Finance and the Hotel/Tourism Management and Supply Chain Management disciplines have been scheduled from May to November 2012.


Streamlined Procedures for
Preparing Accreditation Documents

Upon the successful launch of user-friendly templates and streamlined procedures for operators in 2010, a new template for Programme Revalidations was also designed and developed in this reporting period to assist operators to provide evidence required for revalidation and to enhance operators’ understanding and efficiency in their preparation of submission documentation. The HKCAAVQ will continue to explore different ways of improving our accreditation services for both local and non-local programmes.



Looking Forward

With the implementation of the new Senior Secondary Education System, it is anticipated that there will be an even higher demand for post-secondary education and lifelong learning. As the Accreditation Authority under the QF, the HKCAAVQ will continue our long-standing commitment to uphold and improve the quality of post-secondary education in Hong Kong.



Breakdown of academic programmes validated or revalidated
(1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012)



Breakdown of local degree programmes offered by institutions with
Programme Area Accreditation status (1 April 2011 – 31 March 2012)

Programme Area No. of Programme
The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts  
Music 1
Dance 1
Film and Television 1
Theatre & Entertainment Arts 1
Drama 1
Hong Kong Shue Yan University  
History 1
General Business Administration 1
Economics 1
Accounting 1
Chinese Language and Chinese Literature 1
English Language and English Literature 1
Journalism and Mass Communication 1
Sociology 1
Psychology 1
Social Work 1
Counselling and Psychology 1
Total 16