1 ) Mr Martin LIAO Cheung-kong, JP
2 ) Ir Dr Alex CHAN Siu-kun
Non-Local Members
6 ) Ms Aileen PONTON
4 ) Dr Achim HOPBACH
7 ) Professor Andrew WALDER
5 ) Professor Mala SINGH
8 ) Professor ZHONG Bing-lin
Ex-officio Members
9 ) Ms Michelle LI Mei-sheung, JP
10 ) Professor FAN Yiu-kwan, BBS, JP


Local Members
11 ) Mr Charles LO Chi-hong, MH
16 ) Ms Christina CHENG Sau-yu
12 ) Mr Albert CHOW Hing-pong
17 ) Professor Edmond KO, BBS, JP
13 ) Ms Carrie LEUNG Ka-lai
18 ) Professor Frank FU Hoo-kin, MH, JP
14 ) Professor Richard HO Yan-ki
19 ) Ir Dr David HO Chi-shing
15 ) Ms Winnie CHEUNG Chi-woon
20 ) Professor Arthur MAK Fuk-tat

The Council

The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) was formed under the HKCAAVQ Ordinance (Cap 1150). As the Accreditation Authority and Qualifications Register Authority under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework, the HKCAAVQ provides quality assurance and assessment services to education and training institutions, course providers and the general public. In addition to its statutory roles, the HKCAAVQ also provides advisory and consultancy services in education qualifications and standards to government bureaux and professional organisations in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region.

The Council is composed of members appointed by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. As of March 2012, the Council membership maintains its international perspective by including six overseas members and 14 local members. Its composition reflects expertise and experience in quality assurance, education and training as well as links with industry and the Education Bureau. Non-local members come primarily from countries with well-established external quality assurance systems. They provide valuable advice and views from around the world, allowing us to benchmark the HKCAAVQ's approaches with the latest international standards and good practices.


The Council meets formally twice a year with meetings of local members held between full Council meetings.

The work of the Council is supported by three committees: the Qualifications and Accreditation Committee, the Personnel and Administration Committee and the Finance Committee. Each Committee has its own terms of reference, which are detailed in the Appendix.


The Secretariat

The daily operation of the HKCAAVQ is undertaken by the Secretariat under the leadership of the Executive Director who is an ex-officio member of the Council.

As of end of March 2012, the HKCAAVQ Secretariat had 73 full-time staff, most of whom are quality assurance practitioners, seasoned trainers or education professionals. There are also two part-time consultants who provide legal advice and information technology support.