What is in a "V"?
We now have this new ominous looking letter in our Council's acronym, which makes our name much longer and almost impossible to pronounce. What messages does it carry and what images does it conjure up?


V for Vocation
Our horizon has expanded by orders of magnitude. Taking the whole vocational sector into our purview, albeit by stages and in phases, is a task the scale of which cannot be easily estimated or even fully comprehended. The ambitious scope and speed with which Qualifications Framework was launched in Hong Kong were truly admirable. It also meant that the Council, as a full partner in the scheme, would be entrusted with monumental tasks. There is also the added worry of the lack of a good role model or even successful precedents. We simply have to take broad views and bold steps, and to be realistic and humble. Only through trial and error, frank and constructive feedback from the stakeholders, an open and tolerant attitude, and most of all a sincere commitment to continuous improvement can we hope to progress and to deliver. Needless to say it will not be easy (shall we say impossible?) to manage the high expectations from all sides. And that is not all ...


V for Versatility
The world is not only changing as it always has, but is accelerating towards a future few can predict. While we are fully aware of a new landscape for the Council with the addition of the vocational sector, the established post-secondary sector is also undergoing tremendous evolutions. Higher education is now more a right than a privilege, and incessant knowledge acquisition is more a necessity than a luxury. Thus in Hong Kong we have seen the introduction of and emphasis on life long learning, and the clear message that higher education should be popularized through, amongst other measures, more private institutions. While upholding the fundamental principle of upholding quality, we have to be very vigilant and open minded to realize and appreciate all these new elements. There is no alternative to being versatile, and only with competence and confidence can we afford to be versatile. All these sounds rather daunting. Fortunately we have the third "V".


V for Vitality
The Council is fortunate and privileged to have a team of executive staff who are animated, vigorous and lively ("vital" in one sense), performing tasks that are specific and essential ("vital" in another sense). Despite its proud history, the Council is still a very young institution in the time scale of education. It has been growing since day one, and it is now entering a stage when a more structured organisation under an esteemed and reputable leadership is taking shape. Every organization believes that people is its most valuable asset, as every HR consultant will not fail to remind us, and it is particularly true for a body like the Council. We regard every member as vital, and we expect everything they do to be regarded as vital. There rests the value and credibility of this organization.


V for Vision
As we move ahead with confidence and dedication, we need a goal that everyone can aspire to, identify with and always be conscious of. An organisation that is committed to a long haul must have a vision. It might be something intangible and inaccessible in the immediate future, but it is a beacon that will guide us on a long journey, a destination that is on every roadmap. The Council is working on the final version of its vision statement. With sails fully hoisted and filled with favorable winds, it is sailing towards a new horizon on a new course that will take us decades into the future. We shall all look forward to the announcement of that vision statement which should function as a common reference for direction and expectations for Council members, staff as well as the Council's clients and stakeholders.