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Workshop on Accreditation of Online Learning Programmes [Webinar] [FULL]

HKCAAVQ launched its accreditation service for online learning programmes in 2018. This service is available to both local and non-local online learning programmes seeking recognition under the HKQF. Noting that online learning is receiving great attention recently, HKCAAVQ will offer a workshop in October 2021 on accreditation of online learning programmes. Operators interested in seeking accreditation service for OLPs are welcome to attend.


5 October 2021


09:30 am-12:30 pm


To provide a good understanding of how HKCAAVQ’s accreditation standards are applied in the context of OLPs, particularly in terms of evidence requirements.


Operators interested in seeking accreditation service for OLPs


  • How are online learning programmes defined?
  • Who is eligible to apply for accreditation of online learning programmes?
  • What are the standards and evidence requirements for accreditation of online learning programmes?
  • Why should operators seek accreditation of their online learning programmes?


At the end of the Workshop, the participants are expected to be able to:

  • apply the concept of outcome-based education (OBE) in the development of OLPs
  • identify appropriate evidence for demonstration of meeting the accreditation standards for OLPs
  • critically assess the operation of OLPs for effective delivery.


Webinar via ClickMeeting


To maximise utilisation of the training activity, HKCAAVQ has adopted the following arrangements:

1.  Training materials in both Chinese and English will be prepared as far as possible.

2.  The training activities are normally conducted in Cantonese. If there is sufficient demand (over 12), HKCAAVQ may consider providing English or bilingual (Cantonese and English) sessions.


Maximum of 40 participants


$500/ person




  1. A maximum of three places can be allocated to a single institution to participate the webinar.
  1. In the event of over subscription, places will be allocated to registrants on a first-come-first-served basis.

* HKCAAVQ reserves the right of final decision on training arrangements, including allocation or non-allocation of seats.


  1. Complete the above Online Registration Form.
  2. A place allocation notice will be emailed to registrants within 3 working days after the deadline.
  3. Registrants follow the instructions according to the email to settle payment within a week upon receipt of our allocation notice. Failure of full payment by the deadline will be deemed to have given up their places. In such case, registrants will have to register again if they still want to register for the training.
  4. A confirmation email will be delivered to participant within 3 working days upon receipt of the full payment


  1. Bank Deposit/ ATM Transfer: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
  2. Crossed Cheque /Bank Draft

* Payment details will be provided in the confirmation email.


  • An electronic-Certificate of Attendance(e-certificate) will be issued to participants who attended the workshop in full, except in the case of late arrivals or early departures exceeding 15 minutes according to the system record. The discretion to issue the e-cert lies with HKCAAVQ..
  • The e-certificate will be emailed to the participants within 5 working days after the training. Requests for any amendment to the certificate must reach to HKCAAVQ (email: at least 1 working day before the training. The certificate will not be re-issued once emailed.  HKCAAVQ will not be responsible for any loss of the e-certificate due to personal reason.


Tel: 3658 0106 (Ms Li) / 3658 0166 (Ms Kwok)

Email: [javascript protected email address]


  1. HKCAAVQ reserves the right to cancel or postpone the training.  In the event of such cancellation or postponement, participants will be notified as soon as practicable, normally at least five working days before the original scheduled date of the training, if circumstances permit.
  2. Fees paid are not refundable except under the following circumstances:
    1. event cancellation due to insufficient number of enrolments; or
    2. full registration.
  3. Any refund will be made within two weeks of the scheduled date of the training and by cheque only.
  4. Registration is non-transferable.
  5. Photographing, audio & video recording are not permitted in the training.

Participants are advised to read the Manual for the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process under HKQF before participating the training.