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The overall objective of review is to develop refinements to the standards and criteria so that they:

  • can be consistently interpreted and understood and effectively implemented to ensure high quality outcomes;
  • encourage development of institutional internal quality assurance capability; and  
  • allow for a differentiated approach in accreditation to cope with the diverse educational and training markets. 

HKCAAVQ has set up a special Taskforce, comprising overseas and local Council members, to oversee the conduct of the Review. An Advisory Panel, comprising experts from a wide spectrum, has also been appointed by the Taskforce to give expert advice on local and international practices. Meanwhile, a Working Group, comprising senior staff of the Secretariat, has also been formed to give comments and provide advice throughout the process of development.  Further information about the terms of reference and composition of these groups can be found in Governance.

A list of the Guidelines that fall within the scope of the Review is provided below: