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Consultation on the Draft Revisions to the Accreditation Standards for Institutional Review for the Purpose of Seeking Cap 320 Registration (IR-320)

30 January 2019

The Task Force on Review of Self-financing Post-secondary Education (the Task Force) submitted its Review Report to the Government on 27 December 2018.  Noting that some of the recommendations in the Review Report have implications for accreditation and quality assurance, particularly those concerned with the reform of the regulatory regime for the self-financing post-secondary sector and the review and updating of the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap. 320), it has been decided that the consultations on the revisions to the accreditation standards for Institutional Review for the purpose of seeking Cap. 320 registration should continue to be put on hold until the recommendations from the Task Force have been considered and responded to by the Government.

Consultation on the Draft Revisions to the Accreditation Standards for Institutional Review for the Purpose of Seeking Cap 320 Registration (IR-320) 

13 February 2018

In October 2017, the Government set up the Task Force for the Review of Self-financing Post-secondary Education to consider the overall role and function of the self-financing post-secondary education sector in serving the long term education and manpower needs of Hong Kong. In the light of this development, the HKCAAVQ Council decided at its meeting in January to defer its planned consultation in order to take into consideration the timeline of the review of self-financing post-secondary education before launching the consultation. The arrangement for the consultation on the draft revisions to the accreditation standards for IR-320 will be reviewed by the Council in May 2018.

Summary of Findings


Consultation Document

20 June 2017

This Consultation Document forms the basis of the formal consultation. The main body of the Consultation Document has two parts. Part A is an Issues Paper and Part B contains the draft revisions to the accreditation standards.

4 Grids

Some terms which have been adopted in the Consultation Document with particular meaning have been included in the Glossary.

If you have any questions about the Consultation Document, you may send your questions to [javascript protected email address], or contact Ms. Sarah Kwong at 3658 0225.

Discussion Paper

26 May 2016

To inform the scope and seek feedback on the focus of the Review, a Discussion Paper has been  developed with key questions for exploration. As one of the research tools, the Discussion Paper is targeted at those who have practical experience of applying HKCAAVQ’s accreditation standards, mainly operators accredited by HKCAAVQ, as well as Specialists and professional staff of HKCAAVQ.

The questions do not represent the considered view of HKCAAVQ at this juncture. Views in response to the questions will be collected via a series of focus group meetings in May/June 2016. A wide and formal consultation will be conducted on the proposed directions of change in late 2016.

If you wish to respond to the questions in the Discussion Paper, you may send your response to [javascript protected email address] on or before 30 June 2016. To facilitate analysis of information, please provide the following information together with your response:

1. Are you submitting responses on behalf of yourself or your organisation?  Representing myself
 Representing organisation
2. If you are an operator or the course provider, nature of the programme(s) you provide is:  Academic
 Vocational
3. Do you have any accreditation experience with HKCAAVQ?  Yes                No
    If yes, 
(a) your last accreditation experience with HKCAAVQ was in: (Year)                                                  
(b) your experience was in (can tick more than one option):   Initial Evaluation
 Learning Programme Accreditation
 Learning Programme Re-accreditation
 Programme Area Accreditation
 Periodic Review
 Non-local Learning Programme Accreditation
 Institutional Review for the Purpose of Seeking         Cap 320 Registration

All the information collected will be only used for the purpose of the Review and remains confidential. For enquiries, please contact HKCAAVQ at 3658 0166.