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Summary of Findings

Review of Accreditation Standards under the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process

The consultation on the Draft Revisions to Accreditation Standards under the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process was completed on 31 August 2017. More than half of the accredited operators, representing more than 96% of the qualifications accredited by HKCAAVQ on the Qualifications Register, and members of the public participated in the consultation. Overall, the findings of the consultation clearly indicated that the issues identified for exploration were comprehensive, and the proposed directions of change were supported by our stakeholders. Given the positive outcomes, the revised accreditation standards were submitted ahead of schedule to the HKCAAVQ Council for consideration and approval in January 2018. The final version of the revised accreditation standards under the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process will be published on 1 April 2018.

As a response to the consultation, HKCAAVQ has published a Summary of Findings setting out the positions HKCAAVQ adopted in finalising the revisions, as well as clarifying some issues raised in the consultation. The Summary of Findings will also include the implementation plan for the revised accreditation standards to take effect for accreditation exercises where accreditation documents are scheduled for submission after 1 April 2019.

Click here to view the Summary of Findings. For any enquiry on the Summary of Findings, please contact Dr. Alan WU at 3658 0118.