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The review is monitored by a Taskforce set up by the Council, and input will be sought from an Advisory Panel comprising members from a broad cross-section of the education and training sector. There is also an internal Working Group to support the Review. The terms of reference and composition of these groups are provided below.

Advisory Panel
Working Group


The Taskforce is set up by the Council to monitor the direction, progress and outputs of the Review. 

Terms of Reference

  • To oversee the conduct of the review of the criteria and standards of the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process;
  • To provide guidance to the Project Manager for the review on the implementation of the detailed project plan;
  • To receive and provide commentary on the outputs of the review;
  • To ensure that the review meets agreed timelines and conforms to reporting requirements;
  • To consider the outcomes of the review and make recommendations to the Council;
  • To appoint members of Advisory Panel; and
  • Any other matters as referred to the Taskforce by the Council.


       Ms Ann DOOLETTE
      Professor Chetwyn CHAN Che-hin
      Mr Anthony CHAN Tung-shan

      Mr Albert CHOW Hing-pong
      Ms Jane von DADELSZEN
      Ir Professor Richard YUEN Kwok-kit

Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is appointed by the Taskforce to give expert advice on local and international practices on quality assurance. It comprises experts from a wide spectrum as listed below:

Role Composition
Convenor Deputy Executive Director (Academic) of HKCAAVQ
Members Deputy Executive Director (VPET) of HKCAAVQ
One operator from higher education
One operator from vocational educational training
One representative from Education Bureau
One representative from Qualifications Framework Secretariat
Two representatives from Industry Training Advisory Committees
One representative from professional body
One representative from Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education
One local QA expert
One international QA expert
Secretary Senior Registrar, Head of Research and Training of HKCAAVQ

Terms of Reference

  • To give expert advice on local and international practices, reflecting the higher education, vocational and professional training perspectives and views.

Working Group

The Working Group comprises senior staff of the Secretariat to give comments and advice in the whole process of development of the Review.

Terms of Reference

  • To provide input on the draft project proposal, consultation documents and outputs at different stages.


      Deputy Executive Director (Academic)
      Deputy Executive Director (VPET)
      Head of Academic Accreditation and Assessment
      Head of Vocational and Professional Accreditation
      Senior Registrar and Head of Research and Training