The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) conducts accreditation tests generally in relation to operators, assessment agencies, learning programmes and qualifications in accordance with the provision in section 4(1)(a)(i) under Cap. 1150.  Accreditation exercises of this nature are not conducted for recognition under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF), i.e. they are non-QF related accreditation exercises.

Under the HKCAAVQ Ordinance (Cap. 1150), an operator, assessment agency or a granting body that is aggrieved by non-QF related determination/decision(s) made by HKCAAVQ as stated in the accreditation report may apply to the Council for review. All applications for review must be made on the designated Application Form and within 30 days of receipt of the accreditation report. The review fee is one-third of the original accreditation fee. Original payment evidence of the review fee must be submitted together with the completed Application Form, otherwise the review mechanism will not be initiated.

  • Application Form for Review of Accreditation Determination and/or Decisions under the HKCAAVQ Ordinance (Cap. 1150) (April 2016) |  PDF

Upon receipt of an application for review under section 17A(1) of Cap. 1150 and the review fee, the Council will establish an independent review committee in accordance with section 17B of Cap. 1150 to conduct the review and make recommendations to the Council.  The decision of the Council is final (section 17D of Cap. 1150).

  • HKCAAVQ Ordinance (Cap. 1150) | Link
  • Principles and Procedural Rules for Review Committees Established by the Council under Cap. 1150 | PDF