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Qualifications Assessment

HKCAAVQ provides assessment services for the general public, organisations, and government bureaux/departments on qualifications awarded by granting bodies outside Hong Kong.  HKCAAVQ offers a professional opinion on whether the totality of the educational qualifications (i.e. the integrated learning outcomes of the highest qualification including those learning outcomes achieved through learning deemed to have a substantial bearing on the qualification under assessment) of an individual meets the standard of a particular level of qualification in Hong Kong.

Stages to Qualifications Assessment (QA)

Stages to QA


Before you submit your application, you should at least prepare the followings:

  1. complete and sign an Application Form;
  2. photocopy of your ID card or passport;
  3. photocopy of graduation certificate(s)/diploma(s) and of official final transcript(s);
  4. prepare assessment fee (e.g. a crossed cheque) or if you have paid, retain the evidence to show that you have paid (e.g. original bank deposit receipt, original payment evidence by telegraphic transfer).

NOTE: No cash and original qualification documents should be sent to HKCAAVQ by mail.  We will not bear the responsibility for any postal loss or wrong-delivery for the original documents.


We recommend you to submit your application by post for a speedier process.

If you would like to meet with our staff, please click here to make an appointment.  To confirm the booking, you must click on the hyperlink in the confirmation email within 30 minutes. An applicant without a confirmed appointment can only drop off your application at our reception counter. 

Missing documents will delay the start of the assessment; our staff members will contact you via email (or the telephone) as required.


We will only start assessing your qualification(s) once all required documents are received.  The assessment will normally take 15 working days starting from the next working day of the acknowledgement.  However, if further information or research is required during the assessment process, you are required to provide further information if necessary and the assessment process may take longer. We reserve the right to terminate the application if the required information/certification and/or documentary evidence cannot be provided by the applicant or obtained from relevant bodies after a period of 2 months.


We will contact you once the assessment is completed via email (or the telephone).

We could send the report to you by post if all originals of the required documents are presented and certified before the release of the assessment report.  If your documents have not been certified or you have provided additional document(s) after submitting your application, you will be required to present originals of all submitted documents upon report collection at our office.

Assessment Principles

  • The assessment is conducted on an individual basis to assess a person’s educational attainments in totality by comparing the learning outcomes achieved through their learning path against a particular level of qualification in Hong Kong.
  • The assessment is not an accreditation of an institution or a programme, and the result relates only to the individual applicant being assessed.
  • The assessment does not consider membership of professional/licensing bodies, work experience or incomplete qualifications on their own.
  • In cases where credits attained from the studies of academic courses and/or other forms of prior learning were accepted by respective institutions for exemption, advanced standing or credit transfer in the qualification, these credits will also be considered.

Assessment of Teacher Training Qualifications

Since 2005, HKCAAVQ has also been engaged by the Education Bureau to provide qualifications assessment services for prospective teachers with overseas qualifications who wish to apply for teacher registration in Hong Kong. For details of teacher registration procedures, please contact the Education Bureau.

  • Information Sheet for QA Applicants seeking to becoming teachers in Hong Kong | PDF
  • General Information on local Teacher Training Qualifications  | PDF

Assessment of QMAS Applicant’s Qualifications

Since 2006, HKCAAVQ has assessed the educational qualifications of Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) applicants who wish to come to Hong Kong to settle. For details of QMAS application procedures, please contact the Immigration Department.

  • Essential information on submitting a QA application  | PDF
  • Samples of supporting documents/evidence to be submitted  | PDF

Assessment of Community Care Fund Subsidized Applications

The Community Care Fund (CCF) provides funding for needy persons to apply for qualifications assessment for general purpose. Applicants are required to provide the following information:

  • A photocopy of your Hong Kong Identity Card;
  • A completed CCF Subsidy Application Form and supporting documents | PDF
  • A completed QA Application Form and supporting document | PDF

For more details on the CCF scheme, please refer to Education Bureau’s website at

Possible Outcomes of QA

For the possible outcomes of QA, you are advised to refer to the following:

  • Information Sheet on the possible outcomes for the ‘Totality’  | PDF
  • Additional Information Sheet for assessment related to Teacher Registration Purposes | PDF

Useful information


Under the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Ordinance (Cap 1150), an individual who is aggrieved by the determination made by HKCAAVQ on his/her qualifications assessment may apply to the Council for a review.  All applications for review must be made on the Application Form for Review of Qualifications Assessment (the Form) and within 30 days of the receipt of the Report for Qualifications Assessment by the individual. The fee schedule for review is listed at the last page of the Form, and the procedures and payment method are listed in the Guidance Notes at the front of the Form.  Original payment evidence of the review fee must be submitted together with the application.  Otherwise the review mechanism will not be initiated. 

  • Application Form for Review of Qualifications Assessment | PDF


For enquiries about HKCAAVQ’s Qualifications Assessment service, please contact the QA Team on (852) 3658 0285 or email to [javascript protected email address].