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Summary Accreditation Reports

A summary accreditation report is a direct extract of the corresponding accreditation report.  A summary accreditation report captures the assessment of an accredited operator / programme against relevant criteria and standards, the HKCAAVQ determination, any stipulated requirements and restrictions, the approved enrolment as well as the validity period. While most summary reports include recommendations made by the Accreditation Panels for continuous improvement of the operators / programmes, some reports also include requirements as part of the accreditation determination to be fulfilled by the operators by the specified deadlines during the validity period. If a restriction is imposed, the HKCAAVQ determination is to have effect subject to the restriction being fulfilled. HKCAAVQ has since 2013 gradually introduced the publication of summary reports for various types of accreditation services. Starting from contracts signed on 1 March 2017 and thereafter, summary accreditation reports for non-local learning programmes would also be published. To obtain the latest information about accredited operators and their programmes, please refer to the individual operator’s website.

HKCAAVQ publishes summary accreditation reports and occasionally reviews the publication and use of the reports by the public and make necessary improvement. The summary reports are listed in date order in the table below and can be searched by the name of an operator.  A complete listing of all accredited programmes and their QF levels are available on the Qualifications Register.

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