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Update on the Launch of the Qualifications Assessment on-line application portal (QA i-Portal)

07 Dec 2017

HKCAAVQ will launch an electronic application platform (QA i-Portal) for Qualifications Assessment applications on 8 January 2018, which will enable applicants to apply for qualifications assessment online via designated accounts.

HKCAAVQ is communicating directly with our frequent corporate users of the QA service regarding registration and authorisation of corporate user accounts for the QA i-Portal. Individual users will be guided by the QA i-Portal through the registration process when they enter the QA i-Portal.


As part of our strategy to enhance the QA service, HKCAAVQ has developed the QA i-Portal to allow applicants for qualifications assessment to prepare, manage and submit applications as well as settle application fees online. Users will also be able to upload requested documents during the assessment stage and view the status of submitted applications.

Key features and services of the QA i-Portal

  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Compile QA applications and upload relevant documents
  • Submit QA applications
  • Submit additional documents after submission
  • Make online payment and view payment details
  • View status of submitted applications
  • Arrange appointment for submission of application in person

Progress update and the way forward

  • HKCAAVQ has been helping frequent corporate users to set up their QA i-Portal user accounts and many have also attended QA i-Portal information seminars hosted by HKCAAVQ in early December 2017;
  • User Guides are being developed to facilitate users when using the QA i-Portal;
  • Final testing of the system is well underway and QA i-Portal is scheduled for launch on 8 January 2018; 
  • The QA Service looks forward to the launch and further improving the quality of our service to our users.