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Pilot Service for Vocational and Professional Programmes Accreditation

03 Oct 2018

To facilitate VPET operators’ forward planning, the Vocational and Professional Accreditation (VPA) Unit has initiated a pilot service 
to publish the available accreditation time slots on HKCAAVQ’s e-Portal starting from October 2018. The time slots represent the
document submission dates, which mark the readiness of the Operator for the commencement of an accreditation exercise.

This initiative aims to enhance transparency of the accreditation process and to facilitate communication between HKCAAVQ and
Operators in the VPET sector for planning the upcoming accreditation exercise together. Operators may indicate their preferred time
slot for submission of accreditation documents. Further details can be found in the page for 
Statement of Intent (For Initial
Evaluation /Learning Programme Accreditation / Learning Programme Re-accreditation
) on the e-Portal.

For enquiries about this pilot service, please contact Ms Cherie Lau, Executive Officer, VPA, on 3658 0176 or by email