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Non-Qualifications Framework (QF) Accreditation Services Launched

04 Jul 2017

Under Section 4(2)(a) of Cap. 1150, HKCAAVQ may, subject to the prior approval of the Secretary for Education, conduct accreditation tests outside Hong Kong. As announced in the May Newsletter, HKCAAVQ has been approached by Hong Kong operators, both academic and vocational, to conduct non-QF accreditation for their locally-accredited programmes that are operated outside Hong Kong. HKCAAVQ has on this basis decided to introduce a non-QF accreditation service for accredited Hong Kong operators offering learning programme outside Hong Kong, primarily in Mainland China. More information about the  accreditation criteria, process and evidence requirements and eligibility for application can be found in the Guidance Notes. For enquiries on this new service, please contact:

Academic Accreditation and Assessment: (852) 36580127 / [javascript protected email address]

Vocational and Professional Accreditation: (852) 36580183 / [javascript protected email address]