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Consultation on Refined Four-stage QA Process

04 Dec 2012


In March 2011, the HKCAAVQ Council endorsed the proposal to review the Four-stage Quality Assurance (QA) Process which was introduced in May 2008 to underpin the Qualifications Framework (QF). The review is to evaluate the effectiveness of the current approach, particularly in vocational accreditation, taking into account local quality requirements, the current situation in the education and training sectors in Hong Kong, and international developments in quality assurance.

Review Methodology

The Review is conducted under the leadership of a Steering Committee (SC) which reports to the HKCAAVQ Council. The SC, chaired by Council Member Ir Dr Alex Chan, comprises 7 members including local and non-local HKCAAVQ Council Members, the Deputy Executive Director, experts as well as representatives from Education Bureau (EDB) and QF Secretariat (QFS).

In the fact-finding phase of the Review (the third and fourth quarters of 2011 and first quarter of 2012), the following activities took place.

- Focus group meetings with stakeholders
       - Operators (61 operators in 9 meetings)
       - Panel members (49 panel members in 7 meetings)
       - HKCAAVQ staff (16 staff members at Assistant Registrar rank or above in 3 meetings)
- Online survey with panel members residing outside HK (106 target respondents; response rate: 27%)
- Content analysis of accreditation reports (215 accreditation reports of the HKCAAVQ + 36 PV and IR reports of the HKCAA)
- Literature review of international practices
- Observations of accreditation exercises by Steering Committee members (8 exercises)
- Consultation with senior staff members of the HKCAAVQ
- Supplementary information from the Panel Members 2011 Survey
- Proposals on the refinement to the Process by two groups of operators

A Refined Model

Since then, the SC has met seven times and proposed a refined Four-stage Model to the Council in September 2012. The refined model is approved by the Council for consultation with stakeholders prior to pilot testing in 2013.

About the Consultation

Six consultation sessions were conducted in November 2012 by the HKCAAVQ as follows:

Date No. of Participants Target Audience
15, 16 & 19 112 HKCAAVQ Specialists/Panellists
21, 27 & 30 148 (61 Operators) Operators

The consultation period is open until 31 December 2012. If you are unable to attend the consultation sessions, you may download the relevant documents via the links below:

1. Four-stage Refined Model
2. The consultation paper
3. The power point presentation used during the consultation sessions
4. Comments Form

Please send us your comments on the refined model by returning the Comments Form to us via email ([javascript protected email address]) or fax (852 2812 6178).