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Specialists Appointment Ceremony 2016

15 Apr 2016

More than 100 specialists attended the Ceremony to welcome newly appointed or re-appointed specialists.

Peer review is one of the guiding principles of HKCAAVQ and is at the heart of accreditation. HKCAAVQ therefore engages Specialists to serve on accreditation panels and to advise on quality assurance matters. To welcome newly appointed or re-appointed Specialists to our extended family, about 100 Specialists attended the Specialists Appointment Ceremony held on 15 April 2016. This year, it was also an opportunity for celebrating the 25th anniversary of HKCAAVQ with our Specialists.

Ms. Pecvin Yong, Principal Assistant Secretary (Further Education) of the Education Bureau was invited to the Ceremony as the Guest of Honour. Ms. Yong emphasised that the Government is currently working on different ways to promote vocational and professional education and training or VPET in short. HKCAAVQ endeavours to work in concerted efforts with the Government, the industries, our peers and our Specialists to provide quality-assured, flexible and multiple training and career pathways for our younger generation.