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HKCAAVQ speaks at Chartered Mission Reception

12 Apr 2019

Executive Director of HKCAAVQ, Mr Albert Chow addressed professionals and stakeholders attending the Chartered Mission Reception as the Guest of Honour on 12 April, 2019.

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In celebration of the UK chartered bodies’ contributions to the professional standards and innovation within their respective industries in the UK and other places such as Hong Kong, the Department for International Trade of the British Consulate-General organised the UK Chartered Mission Reception on 12 April, 2019 (Friday). The event in Hong Kong also marked the first stop of the Chartered Mission, which was then followed by Shenzhen and Beijing.

Executive Director of HKCAAVQ, Mr Albert Chow, was invited to address the gathering as the Guest of Honour. During his speech, he praised the relentless efforts and many contributions made by the UK chartered bodies over the past decades, which were significant and remarkable to the development of various professions around the world. He also updated attending guests and professionals on HKCAAVQ’s latest development including the launch of online learning programme accreditation and what potential impacts this kind of programme offerings are likely to make in the near future. Mr Chow is optimistic and hopeful that HKCAAVQ is able to, through innovative approach of accreditation, assist the chartered bodies in extending their footprints to other places of rapid development and expansion. In addition, Mr Chow also highlighted Hong Kong’s new role in the Greater Bay Area, and how HKCAAVQ can continue the meaningful collaboration with chartered bodies in the provision of professional services in the Greater Bay Area and beyond.

The event, which focused on how UK chartered bodies can support the continuing professional development to ensure their profession remain relevant and able to meet the challenges of the 21st century, also provided a unique platform for professionals from different chartered bodies to update each other’s initiatives and endeavours in terms of upholding their standards and fostering further development. The reception was well-attended by over 80 professionals and business leaders from different sectors in the UK and the region.