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HKCAAVQ Roundtable 2020

17 Jan 2020

Representatives from Education Bureau, Qualification Framework Secretariat, Council Members and professional staff of HKCAAVQ attended the presentation by Professor Bjørn Stensaker.

Lively presentation made by Professor Bjørn Stensaker.

Council Members of HKCAAVQ also participated in the fruitful exchange during Q&A session.

Souvenir presentation by Mr Albert Chow, Executive Director to Professor Bjørn Stensaker as a token of appreciation.

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The HKCAAVQ Roundtable 2020 was held at HKCAAVQ office on 17 January 2020. Our Non-local Council Member, Professor Bjørn Stensaker, Research Professor University of Oslo from Norway, shared on the topic “External Quality Assurance in Europe: The role of ENQA - the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education”. Over 50 participants, including representatives from Education Bureau, Qualifications Framework Secretariat, Council Members and professional staff of HKCAAVQ attended the session.

In his presentation, Professor Stensaker gave an overview of the historical factors leading to the formation of the ENQA, its membership and roles. He also shared on the development and changing demands for the functions performed by the ENQA over the past two decades. Before closing, Professor Stensaker highlighted the possible directions for future growth of the ENQA. The insightful and lively presentation by Professor Stensaker was followed by a Question-and-Answer session. Attending guests, Council Members, and professional staff actively participated in the Q&A session by sharing their observations and raised points of discussion on the presentation.