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HKCAAVQ invited to give keynote speech at QAPHE International Symposium in Tokyo

26 Nov 2019

Dr Christina Ng, one of the Keynote Speakers of QAPHE International Symposium 2019.

Group photo featuring, Professor Takao Kamibeppu from Fukuyama City University and speakers of the Symposium.

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The QAPHE organised the International Symposium on 26 November 2019 in Tokyo. The theme of the Symposium was ‘Quality Assurance and Qualifications Framework for Professional Higher Education’.

Dr Christina Ng, Head & Senior Registrar of Vocational and Professional Accreditation (VPA) from HKCAAVQ, was invited as a Keynote speaker.  
Dr Ng presented on the topic ‘Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement for Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF)’, in which she elaborated on the role of HKQF in the development of VPET in Hong Kong, and how quality assurance leads to quality enhancement.  
At the Symposium, Professor Zita Mohd Fahmi, Council Member of HKCAAVQ, also a Keynote speaker, presented on the latest development of ASEAN Quality Assurance Framework and its appreciation and adoption by a wide range of stakeholders.

Also speaking at the Symposium are the various speakers from the specialised training colleges in Japan. They shared about the management and experience of specialised training colleges in Japan and the future plan for vocational education at national level.