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First Student Liaison Meeting, October 2017

27 Oct 2017

Group photo featuring students and HKCAAVQ representatives of First Student Liaison Meeting.

Engagement of students in quality assurance processes is becoming one of the important drivers for continuous improvement of teaching and learning in Hong Kong and around the world. HKCAAVQ has launched new initiative to liaise with students/learners to enhance their understanding of the value of HKCAAVQ services and for collecting student views on the quality of their learning experience.

In September 2017, HKCAAVQ invited the accredited higher education institutions to nominate up to two student representatives from among their student bodies to join, in their personal capacity, a student liaison meeting. 

Twenty-seven student representatives from 16 institutions attended the Student Liaison Meeting held on 27 October 2017 to receive a briefing on HKCAAVQ services and discuss the recent developments in the higher education sector. The meeting also explored ways in which students may provide input to HKCAAVQ’s quality assurance process.

The students shared their expectations to the self-financed higher education, and agreed to collect feedback from their fellow students to provide input to HKCAAVQ’s quality assurance process. 

With the encouraging response from the participants, HKCAAVQ plans to hold the Second Student Liaison Meeting in March 2018.