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CDGDC delegates visit HKCAAVQ

18 Oct 2017

Group photo featuring representatives from CDGDC and HKCAAVQ after the meeting concludes.

A delegation from the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Centre  (CDGDC) , led by Director-General Mr Huang Bao Yin, visited HKCAAVQ on 18 October, 2017. The visit aimed at enhancing mutual understanding of the roles and work of both CDGDC and HKCAAVQ. During the visit, Mr Huang shared the recent  developments of the Cross-border Quality Assurance Network (CBQAN) initiative and Dr. Sandra Wong, Deputy Executive Director (VPET), gave a presentation on HKCAAVQ’s mission and vision, strategic directions and latest developments, including HKCAAVQ’s unique role to the development of the Qualifications Framework and the quality of education and training in Hong Kong. Our visitors were also provided with an overview of  the 4-stage quality assurance process and peer review accreditation approach.