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Stakeholders’ Feedback

As a quality assurance agency, HKCAAVQ actively seeks feedback from its stakeholders for continuous improvement.

As part of our internal quality assurance mechanism, HKCAAVQ engages an independent external research agency to collect feedback from organisations using HKCAAVQ’s services. HKCAAVQ also collects feedback from Panel Members engaged in accreditation exercises through an in-house online survey.  Data collected from the surveys is analysed and used for evaluation within HKCAAVQ.  Reports on the outcomes from the surveys are reviewed by the HKCAAVQ Council twice a year.  Findings and follow-up actions are shared with the respondents through various means, such as Liaison Panel meetings and training workshops.

Feedback from organisations that used HKCAAVQ’s services in 2017

In 2017, of a total of 321 organisations that used the accreditation, assessment, and/or Qualifications Register service(s) of HKCAAVQ, 169 of them responded to the online survey.  The overall response rate was 53% which is similar to 2016.  Across all the services, clients were satisfied with the case officers and with assessment staff being responsive to their needs.   The mean scores on overall satisfaction range between 3.86 and 4.08 on a five-point scale.

Feedback from Panel Members in 2017

From a total of 394 panel members who served on accreditation panels in 2017, 314 of them responded to the online survey.  The overall response rate was 79% which is similar to 2016.  In summary, the level of satisfaction among panel members on all aspects of the accreditation process remains consistently positive.