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Approach to Consultation

HKCAAVQ regularly engages its stakeholders in the development or review of processes, policies, and standards, to ensure that stakeholder perspectives are taken into consideration.  Our stakeholders include policy makers, other quality assurance bodies, professional bodies, programme providers in both the post-secondary sector and the vocational and professional education and training sector, Specialists, and staff members of HKCAAVQ.

Depending on the issue for consultation, different channels are used to gather and receive feedback from the relevant stakeholders.  Online surveys are usually used to collect feedback on specific issues from target groups and written submissions are used to collect free-format opinions. For consultation that requires a more direct interaction, face-to-face sessions are typically arranged.   On issues that may have wider implications beyond HKCAAVQ, we also take steps to ensure that the relevant policy makers, such as the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, are informed.

Since March 2016, HKCAAVQ has formed two Liaison Panels to provide a forum for regular dialogue with representatives of operators of our two accreditation services to discuss new policy initiatives and to review existing processes and policies.