Accreditation of Local Joint Programmes

Starting from October 2019, HKCAAVQ accepts applications for accreditation of locally delivered joint programmes under the Qualifications Framework (QF). The Revised Accreditation Standards for Initial Evaluation (IE), Learning Programme Accreditation (LPA) and Re-accreditation (re-LPA) under the Four-stage Quality Assurance Process are applied.


Scope of Service

The accreditation service is for joint programmes leading to awards jointly conferred and delivered in Hong Kong by two institutions as award granting bodies and Operators. Both institutions should have valid IE, IR, PAA or self-accrediting status. At least one institution has to be a local Operator. For a non-local institution acting as the partner institution, it should prove its self-accrediting power in its home country/region. At this stage, the accreditation is confined to joint programmes offered by two granting bodies.


Definition of Collaborative Partnership

Both institutions are expected to play a significant role and shared responsibilities in the development, delivery, assessment, and quality assurance of the programme leading to a joint award. The collaborative partnership of the two institutions should be substantiated by an integral quality assurance system with both partners jointly responsible for the quality of the joint programme(s). Both partners should take part in the decision making and implementation processes in relation to programme approval, development, monitoring and review.


Accreditation Approaches

To offer the first joint programme, the collaborative partners should apply for Partnership IE accreditation. An LPA will also be needed at programme level. If one of the partners has self-accrediting status or has PAA status covering the programme concerned, the LPA will be customised.


The following diagram illustrates the accreditation approaches for different types of Operator:



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# At least one Granting Body is a local Operator.

* Both Granting Bodies should have valid IE or IR status.


Evidence Guide for Academic Accreditation

Evidence Guide for Vocational and Professional Programmes Accreditation




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