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Executive Director's Message

Self Photos / Files - KE-0076_smaller_sizeWelcome to HKCAAVQ and to our website - the public face of the agency.


The website is an important platform for stakeholders’ easy access to information that is up-to-date about HKCAAVQ’s functions, policies, new initiatives as well as how it conducts its work. The website is also one of the channels through which we reach out and engage our stakeholders.  This includes existing stakeholders who are using our services, and new stakeholders who are interested in post-secondary education, vocational and professional education and training. 


As the sole statutory quality assurance body in Hong Kong, HKCAAVQ is unique that its regime of quality assurance covers both academic and vocational learning programmes underpinning the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF). We cherish the close collaboration and mutual understanding that we have over the years established with a wide range of operators and course providers. It is important for us to build on the long standing experience in accreditation and quality assurance, and together with our stakeholders to move forward and reach greater heights.


I hope you will find the website useful and find the information you are looking for across the broad range of services we provide. 


Mr Albert H P Chow
Executive Director