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Vision and Mission


We aim to be a globally recognised and leading regional independent quality assurance body in education and training.


We safeguard the credibility of qualifications under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) and facilitate the continuous quality enhancement and excellence of education and training in Hong Kong and the region through our accreditation, assessment, quality audit and consulting services.

Our Core Professional Values

Quality: We provide quality services which are learner-centred and consistent with internationally accepted quality assurance standards, principles, norms and practices.
Integrity: We strive for the highest standards of ethical behaviour and take full accountability for our actions.
Independence: We operate independently in making decisions and performing our functions.
Transparency: We operate in a transparent, fair and impartial manner.
Innovation: We actively pursue new ideas and practices that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations, facilitate quality enhancement and excellence, and expand the capability and capacity of our operators, specialists and staff.

Our Core Functions

The quality assurance activities of HKCAAVQ underpin the Qualifications Framework; and education and training system in Hong Kong.

  1. Safeguarding the quality of academic and vocational qualifications under the Qualifications Framework as the Accreditation Authority in Hong Kong.
  2. Ensuring the credibility of the Qualifications Register (QR) as the QR Authority in Hong Kong.
  3. Enhancing the quality of education and training in Hong Kong through institutional review, accreditation, assessment and consultancy services; and disseminating good practices in quality assurance.
  4. Advocating life-long learning with a focus on learner-centred education and training.
  5. Researching new trends and developments in quality assurance practices.
  6. Providing capacity building activities for operators to strengthen their quality assurance capabilities.
  7. Providing consultancy and quality assurance services for the education and training community beyond Hong Kong.
  8. Ensuring continuous improvement as a self-reflective quality assurance body.