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Finance Committee (FC)

Terms of reference

  1. To consider and recommend, for the Council’s approval, the annual budget of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), including any subsequent adjustments thereof.
  2. To consider the medium and long-term financial plans of HKCAAVQ.
  3. To keep under review the financial position of HKCAAVQ, including its return on investment and fee charging policy, and make recommendations to the Council as appropriate.
  4. To receive, consider and recommend for the Council’s approval the audited financial statements.
  5. To recommend, for the Council’s approval, the appointment of Auditors.
  6. To monitor available cash balances and make recommendations concerning the liquidation of investments to ensure that an appropriate level of cash reserves is maintained. 
  7. To periodically review internal controls of HKCAAVQ as they relate to financial and accounting matters.
  8. To make recommendations to the Council on such matters within FC’s remit as they arise.



Ir Francis CHENG Cho-ying, MH

Deputy Chairperson

Ms Edith SHIH


Mr Rock CHEN Chung-nin, SBS, JP
Professor Zita FAHMI
Professor PONG Ting-chuen
Professor QIU Hanqin
Professor Paul TAM Kwong-hang, JP
Mr Esmond LEE Chung-sin, JP (Deputy Secretary for Education (1)Education Bureau (representative of Permanent Secretary for Education))
Mr Albert CHOW (Executive Director of HKCAAVQ)