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Executive Director’s Message

Ms Dorte Kristoffersen Welcome to HKCAAVQ and to our website - the public face of the agency.

The website is an important platform for stakeholders’ easy access to information that is up-to-date about HKCAAVQ’s responsibilities and policies as well as how it conducts its work.  The website is not only intended to provide information to the stakeholders that are already using our services. It is also intended to provide information to members of the public with an interest in post-secondary education and training and who want to understand how the quality of education is assured and continuously improved to meet the changing needs of Hong Kong society.

Quality cannot be achieved by one party alone. It is necessary for all parties to work together in the process to ensure that the quality of post-secondary education and training meets relevant standards. We expect that post-secondary education and training institutions take primary responsibility for the quality of their programmes. We check the quality, formulate requirements that have to be met for a programme to be accredited and make recommendation for improvements.  I look forward to continuing our working relationship with our existing stakeholders and to welcoming new stakeholders, both local and international, that wish to make use of our services.

As a quality assurance body that makes judgement about other organisations’ quality, it is important for us to continuously consider and improve the quality of our own work. There is information available on this website about our quality assurance activities that include regular feedback from our stakeholders. But you are welcome to contact us any time and to provide feedback through the means provided under the ‘Contact Us’ page.

I hope you will find the website useful and you will find the information you are looking for across the broad range of services that we provide.

Ms Dorte Kristoffersen
Executive Director