Our 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

Event Highlights

The HKCAAVQ International Conference, themed “From Quality Assurance to Quality Enhancement and Excellence”, was successfully held on 15 September 2020.  Over 1,500 views online were recorded, with very positive feedback received. Online registrations included participants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, Jamaica and Macau etc.  

Co-organised by the Qualifications Framework Secretariat (QFS) and the Federation of Self-Financing Tertiary Education (FSTE), and with the Corporate Tech Academy Network (CTAN) and University Grants Committee (UGC) as supporting organisations, the International Conference 2020 was organised as a major celebration activity of HKCAAVQ 30th Anniversary.

Mr Kevin Yeung, JP, Secretary for Education, being the Guest of Honour, officiated at the opening ceremony with HKCAAVQ Council Chairman Ir Dr Alex Chan, Vice-chairman Mr Rock Chen, and Executive Director Mr Albert Chow. In his address, Mr Yeung congratulated the HKCAAVQ for the many achievements it has attained and tremendous contributions made to the education and training in Hong Kong over the years.

The presentations of the four keynote speeches and some of the panelists are made available at: https://www.hkcaavq.edu.hk/en/30th-anniversary/InternationalConference2020/PresentationMaterials

Photos and screen captures were taken at the conference and can be viewed in HKCAAVQ website: https://www.hkcaavq.edu.hk/en/gallery/hkcaavq-international-conference-2020